#metoo Symposium

On October 15, 2018 the #metoo Symposium was held in Helsingør, Denmark at Kulturværftet. The purpose of the event was to discuss where we are today one year after the #metoo movement began and millions of women worldwide came forward with reports of sexual assault in the entertainment industry.

Alexandra Dahlström participated in the event as a speaker on the debate panel. Here are some of her thoughts on the #metoo movement.

Back in the panel debate, Alexandra Dahlström is also advocating that we regain solidarity and that women in the industry join forces to say ‘stop’. Women must support each other and should not fear losing jobs in what Dahlström calls “the boys club”. She believes that women are being trained to compete against each other, but if we are to see results, we must go beyond that and instead re-establish solidarity. 

Dahlström adds that the reason why many people do not speak up may be related to the fear of being replaced in an industry that is filled with unsafe employment.

You can read the entire article here in Danish but if you enable Google Translate in Chrome you can automatically translate the article to English.


If you’re living in Sweden you can head out and pick up the latest issue of HemmaBio as there is an interview with our girl Alexandra Dahlström in this issue! I do not live in Sweden so I won’t get to see the interview but maybe I’ll get lucky and it will be posted online sometime in the future.

Digital Revival

In recent news – the film Show Me Love has become digitized which means it can now me shown properly on TV and in theatres. In the article I read on Sydsvenskan it also seems that there is going to be an interview (or at least a conversation) with Alexandra Dahlström & Rebecca Liljeberg!

The film was shot by an intricate analogue process that gave it a special grainy appearance. It has therefore not been digitized with sufficient quality until now. Earlier transfers to television and video has been deemed too dark and noisy.

On March 15 show Cinematheque in Stockholm on nydigitaliserade film and also offer a conversation with, among others protagonists Rebecka Liljeberg and Alexandra Dahlström, writes the Swedish Film Institute in a press release.

“Show Me Love” was seen by over 868,000 moviegoers, was awarded several Gold Rams and was praised internationally.
I really hope to see something online if this interview is happening. With the news about Show Me Love, there have also been some better quality photos popping up online from 1998 which are so hard to come by! For instance, this beauty which I’ve uploaded to the photo gallery.

Interview in Rome

I spent some time translating a blog post posted by Kornél Kovács back in 2012. The interview however was from a 2006 visit. I think I did the English version justice.

I learned that Alexandra was part of a film or possibly a short film written and directed by Massimo Gugliemlo titled Seven & Seven.

Massimo’s upcoming film Seven & Seven is about seven women in different European capitals, each representing one of the seven deadly sins. The women have one thing in common – that their lives are somehow going in the wrong direction – ending up at the wrong place at the wrong time: the London Underground on July 7, 2005. The same day of the London bombings. Alexandra plays a Swedish woman with the sloth sin.

I don’t think the film was ever released much to my dismay. It would have been from around 2005-2006 if it does exist out there somewhere.

The article can be found here in English and here in Swedish. It’s also been archived on the Articles page of this website.

Where Are They Now?

There’s an article posted online about what the Fucking Åmål girls are up to these days and it included a couple new photos from 2012 and 2014 that were worth sharing. I didn’t translate the article as it’s very short and there weren’t any interviews with Alexandra or Rebecka. Nice pictures though!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Living Life Podcast

A podcast called Living Life has been posted on Rodeo’s website. There is a 36 minute podcast in Swedish with Alexandra Dahlström as well as a short article and a couple beautiful photos! Thanks to Fish for tracking this down!


You can read the article in English here:
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