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Ömheten appears to be available for worldwide sales! However, I’m too chicken to pop in my information on the “register” page because I don’t know how this works! But if you’d care to look into it, it might be possible to get your hands on a copy! Unless maybe this is restricted to press/media and such…


More Guldbagge Gala

As I hoped, more pictures have surfaced from the Guldbagge Gala! The last one there was found by Fish and he also confirmed that it is Petrus Sjövik with Alexandra Dahlström at the Gala.

Here are a couple tidbits that you might find interesting, or not:

  1. Alexandra wore an Ida Sjöstedt dress to the Gala
  2. The event was hosted by Sissela Kyle who you might recognize as the actress who played Alexandra’s mom in 2004’s Fröken Sverige (Miss Sweden)
  3. Sverrir Gudnason who was also in Fröken Sverige with Alexandra took home an award for his performance in the film Monica Z

Sebastian Waldenby


A new photo from 2012 mysteriously appeared on the website on an older article. Whoever is responsible for that happening – thank you! This was taken by Sebastian Waldenby.

You can get the full size photo in this album.

Guldbagge Gala 2014

Alexandra Dahlström attended the 50th Annual Guldbagge Gala recently. Her first appearance of 2014! Now there’s a photo of her with a mystery man who I’m 99% sure is Petrus Sjövik who has worked on several films with Alexandra including Kom Hit and Because the Night. In fact, Petrus won an award at the Gala for his camera work on the film Ömheten. Congratulations! Us fans hope to see the film soon!


Alexandra has been a busy woman! There’s a film festival called Sveriges Kortfilm Festival 2014 (Swedish Short Film Festival) taking place March 28-29. A young woman named Elin Övergaard has submitted her short film entitled Sukta and our favourite Swede just so happens to be in it!


Here’s a brief synopsis provided on the Sveriges Kortfilm Festival website:

This is a story about anxiety, wandering around in nothing and chasing something unintelligible. And a hit with realization.


10 minutes, Fiction

Producer: Elin Övergaard

Cast: Alexandra Dahlström – The Suktande
Eric Olofsson – The Realization
Iga Miklet – Photo
Simon Elvas – Sound
Elin Övergaard – Script & Clips

It might also interest you to know that Elin was an assistant director for Alexandra’s short film Fågel Fenix (aka Den Rätta). The two of them are also involved in another short film called Landet. Plenty to look forward to this year!

Fucking Åmål Prints

Would you like some Fucking Åmål art work for your home? Check out this cool print on Etsy! It’s Alexandra Dahlström and Rebecca Liljeberg from the famous car scene. You know the one! Also available in black and white.


Mom, There’s A Celebrity in our Kitchen!

I was searching for something Alexandra related when I learned something new. Alexandra appeared in an episode of a TV show called Mamma, det är en kändis i köket (translation: Mom, There’s a Celebrity in our Kitchen) as herself. It’s a reality TV series that lasted 2 seasons where people would want to meet a certain celebrity so the show would send that celebrity to their home. In season 2, episode 4 a girl named Liza wanted to meet Alexandra Dahlström as she would like advice on becoming an actress.

It aired on ZTV and there are 2 full episodes posted on YouTube but sadly, not the episode featuring Alexandra. Maybe someday!

I also learned that Carolina Gynning (Alexandra’s co-star in Blondie) was featured in an episode where she meets a young woman who admits she had suffered from anorexia. I haven’t been able to track down that episode either.


Here’s a link to the production company La Vida Locash.