Extra Guldbagge Gala

I came across this photo from the 2014 Guldbagge Gala and I feel like I’ve seen it before but I think maybe because it’s similar to the one Petrus Sjövik used as his Facebook profile photo.

Petrus Sjövik & Alexandra Dahlstöm

La Carpe Script

I managed to salvage a copy of the script from the French short film La Carpe which was posted on Jenny’s original Alexandra Dahlström Fansite (since gone offline). I just edited slightly and it’s been archived on the Media page.

Read La Carpe Script in English.

This is the closest I’ve gotten to seeing the film and after reading it, now I want to see it more!

Then & Now

A “Then & Now” type list of Swedish celebrities was posted on the Stoppa Pressarna website today. Alexandra made the list! Among other familiar faces you’ll find Robyn, Carolina Gynning, Sissela Kyle, Alexander Skarsgård and Kristian Luuk.


In 2000, teenage girls across Sweden wanted to be like Elin from the film Show Me Love. She was played by Alexandra Dahlström, 30, who last played the younger sister of Carolina Gynning in the movie Blondie.

More Tommy Premiere

Here are a couple more photos from the Tommy premiere on March 6. It took place at the Rigoletto in Sweden. Not sure who her mystery friend is though. Here she is with producer Göran Hugo Olsson. (Edit: Thanks, Fish!)

Tommy Premiere

The red carpet premiere of Tarik Saleh’s film Tommy was last night in Sweden. Among the guests, miss Alexandra Dahlström. So far just her face (certainly not a complaint) but let’s keep our eyes open for more event photos to come!