Truth or Dare English Subtitles

vlcsnap-2014-06-25-22h18m59s37 I’ve made English subtitles for the 1997 film Sanning eller konsekvens as I couldn’t find any online despite searching for months. You can download the subtitles here in SRT format. You can also download the film in one file here.

Using VLC Media Player:
1. Open the film in VLC
2. Go to the menu bar on VLC player and click “Subtitle” then “Add Subtitle File” and then select the .srt subtitle file. (Save both the film and the subtitles in the same folder to make it easier.)
3. The English subtitles will now play on the video. Enjoy!

Vulkano + Grammis

A fantastic photo from the Grammy Awards in Sweden popped up online of Alexandra Dahlström with Cissi Efraimsson & Lisa Pyk Wirström of Vulkano. Thanks to Fish for sending it my way!



Neptune Moon

The wonderful forum member ArcticMonkeys has pointed us toward Vulkano’s short film Neptune Moon now available on YouTube! Alexandra Dahlström makes an appearance as a wizard on a secret mission. Keep in mind the film is a psychedelic short film as it’s a little nutty in a good way!

Beauty & the Guldbaggen

Here is a blurry yet beautiful photo that popped up on Pelle Tamleht’s Instagram account awhile back captioned “Beauty & the Guldbaggen”. I suspect it’s either from the 2011 Elle Galan as that’s the same fluffy top she wore to that event or it may be from the 2012 Guldbagge Gala as it was dated in January 2012.


Lilja 4-ever

A lot of you are already aware that Alexandra Dahlström was a Russian interpreter and assistant director on the set of Lukas Moodysson’s film Lilja 4-ever back in 2002. Rumour has it that Alexandra makes a brief cameo and can be seen on a balcony when Lilja is carving her name into the bench outside. I did find a blonde hanging out on the balcony in that scene. Could it be Alexandra?


And if you’re interested in watching Lilja 4-ever it’s available in full on YouTube along with English, Swedish and Russian subtitles – just turn on the Closed Captioning.

AnnaMelina – Tills Det Blir Lätt


A new music video featuring Alexandra has popped up on the web today! It’s called “Tills Det Blir Lätt” by AnnaMelina. The video is currently only viewable on the website but I found that using Google Chrome’s “incognito” mode worked for me over here in Canada.

The accompanying blog had a blurb about it as well.

Premiere: AnnaMelina – Until It Becomes Easy
This quite unique, Swedish language R&B song comes with a bitter-sweet video.

A future rising star we guess. And we are not the only ones who really like AnnaMelina. Some songs from Stockholm artists out there online along with an edit of “Every Morning” is producer Baba Stiltz signature. Now, here’s Anna’s past song “Until It Becomes Easy” with Baba’s interpretation in an edit that you’ll hear first on the PSL.

And it’s not the only thing that premieres! Together with director Alexandra Dahlström, Anna has made an art video that’s bitter-sweet in daring to leave someone. A project where the boundaries between being in front or behind the camera have become blurred.

We long for an entire AnnaMelina album that’s for sure. But “there are still many pieces left that I’m working on right now,” she says in an email.

UPDATE: The video is now available on YouTube if you’ve been having trouble viewing it on