Lisa Pyk posted a new photo of Alexandra Dahlström holding a bottle of pink champagne on her Instagram yesterday. I wonder if they’re celebrating something? Perhaps the completion of the mystery music video which we’ll hopefully see soon?


Mystery Music Video Shoot

Here’s another photo of Alexandra Dahlström on the set of this mysterious music video she’s filmed in Los Angeles. All we know so far is that she’s directed it, it’s featuring a bunch of young women in Sia or Lady Gaga wigs and I’ve been able to identify one of the women who will appear in the video as Ayanery Reyes. No word on who the singer/band is or anything but we can only guess that just maybe it’s Vulkano! Thank you to Fish for finding this one!



Mystery Music Video Shoot

Instagram has made my day yet again! Seems Alexandra Dahlström is busy directing another music video while in Los Angeles! This photo was posted on jrd_hairgod‘s Instagram account today. I must say, this “hair god” does amazing work! Alexandra’s hair looks amazing!

2014-07-02-1The photo is captioned:

Just finished 3 Day Music Video Shoot working with Celeb Stylists: Annie Ha, Wyman Chang, Director Alexandra Dahlstrom… Just a Sneak Peek…NOT ALLOWED TO SAY WHO IT IT’S WITH… SORRY… STAY TUNED!!! So Much Fun (… Mitch Stone was not present)… Thank God I Had All his Products with Me…I Hate SUCKing Up… For Real …Texture Spray and Sessions Spray No.1 on this Set… Life is So Easy these Days…Haha!!! #MusicVideo #Music#blondenation #HairStyling #SantaMonica#ShangriLa #AnnieHa #WymanChang #Blondes#AlexandraDahlstrom #MitchStoneHair #StoneSexy

Seems things are under wraps on the music video and the artist for now. My best guess is Vulkano?