Babel Malmö Screening

On September 22nd Alexandra Dahlström had a screening of her documentary All We Have Is Now at Babel Malmö. The screening also included a Q&A with the lovely and talented director and a concert by Vulkano. Here are some photos that have popped up online so far!

Radio Sweden Interview

Here is Radio Sweden interview with Lisa Pyk and Alexandra Dahlström talking about her film All We Have Is Now. In Swedish of course. Thanks, Fish!


For you lucky people in Sweden here is another video that Alexandra appears in. I don’t know what it is exactly but I think it’s an interview of some sort. Something to do with a book mobile.

Click here to watch on Öppret Arkiv.

Again, due to being in Canada I can’t watch it.

Watch S:t Mikael

If you happen to be in Sweden and would like to view Alexandra’s appearance on the short lived Swedish hospital soap S:t Mikael – well you’re in luck!

Follow this link!

Unfortunately being in Canada I’m unable to view it but if you have a chance go for it!