All We Have Is Now Premiere

Here are a handful of photos from the premiere of All We Have Is Now at Bio Rio on October 24th. I thought there would be a lot more but all that I’ve come across are Instagram photos. Thanks to the lovely people taking photos and can someone give these folks a seat closer to the action? Thanks to Fish for a few of these as well.

Frihet Interview

Here is a stunning photo of Alexandra from a photo shoot with Eva Edsjö posted along with an interview on Frihet. I will have to translate the article as it’s in Swedish but I wanted to post the photo in the meantime.



Back in Action!

I’m back once again. Off for a trip and come back to computer problems! I have no luck with these things. But the important thing is I’m back online and more importantly there’s been heaps of Alexandra related stuff going on with the premiere of her film All We Have Is Now. Big thank you to Fish over at the forum for staying on top of things in my absence! Excellent job! But where to start? Oh… I know! Let’s start with this beautiful photo Fish found through Sveriges Radio!