Watch Ömheten

I’ve finally managed to get a copy of the film Ömheten (aka Broken Hill Blues) and watched it with English subtitles. Petrus Sjövik did a fantastic job filming it and I can see why he won a Guldbagge for his work. Alexandra only had one scene in the film and if you’re interested to check it out, here you go! I wasn’t able to include the English subtitles on the clip unfortunately. Maybe in the future.

Click image to download

Bonus: You can watch the entire film here but only in Swedish.

Breakfast in Åmål

It’s a rare day when I come across a Fucking Åmål photo that I haven’t seen! A French band called Cabaret Voltaire posted a YouTube video for a song called Crackdown using the photo below. As far as I know the song is not affiliated with the film. Here’s Alexandra Dahlström together with Erica Carlson from back in 1998.


Lifetime Achievement Award Video

I’ve come across the complete presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Mike Leigh by Alexandra Dahlström. Bonus that it’s all in English! Click the image below to watch.vlcsnap-2014-11-14-18h49m15s10

Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award

Alexandra Dahlström presented the Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award to English director Mike Leigh during the Stockholm International Film Festival last night. You may also recognize Alexandra’s Blondie co-star Olle Sarri in a few of the photos. Thanks, Fish!



Up on the Rooftop

A couple Instagram photos taken this past July of Alexandra hanging out on a rooftop with Kornél Kovács. She probably went up to rescue him and decided to stay for a drink!