Björn Lundahl Photo Shoot

Some new photos popped up on IBL Bildbyrå by Björn Lundahl. Here’s hoping some non-watermarked versions of the photos will appear online! It seems they were taken as a promotion for Melodifestivalen 2015. Can we expect to see Alexandra at one or all of the events starting in February 2015? Here’s hoping!


S:t Mikael

I’ve managed to get my hands on a copy of the episode of S:t Mikael guest starring Alexandra Dahlström! It aired in 1998 so it’s another blast from the past! You can find all of Alexandra’s clips here.


Short Films on SVT

A special on short films aired December 21st on SVT. One segment featured interviews with Alexandra Dahlström, Alexandra “Kissie” Nilsson and Ahang Bashi. I’ve uploaded the videos and you can watch them by clicking the image below. No English subtitles available unfortunately. As usual – I recommend VLC Media Player. (Edit: Thanks to Fish for finding a better quality video!)


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

I present you with a little holiday treat! Here are Alexandra Dahlström’s segments from a 2004 show on SVT called Bokbussen. From what I gather, it’s a bus that goes around Sweden and surrounding areas to discuss literary works with authors and other interesting individuals. This particular episode aired December 9, 2004 and focused on literary works with religious themes. Only language available is Swedish and no English subtitles but still nice!

Gentlemen Film Premiere

Alexandra Dahlström attended the premiere of the film Gentlemen at Rigoletto on November 24th. I have yet to see any other photos from the premiere but this lone wolf.

Premiär för filmen "Gentlemen", Rigoletto, Stockholm, 2014-11-24