Stockholm Film Festival Awards Montage

Another video has surfaced from the Stockholm International Film Festival. It’s in English and Swedish with some subtitles in a language I can’t identify. There are a few small clips of Alexandra throughout. Now I’m search of a video for the Best Documentary award from the festival because as you can see – Alexandra presented the award to Liang Zhao for his documentary Behemoth.

Festival & Guldbagge Finds

In my search for more photos from the Stockholm Film Festival I found one photo (bottom left) of Alexandra Dahlström with Anna Odell. Too bad Fish beat me to the find! I did come across these other three photos from the 2014 and 2015 Guldbagge Galas.

Rasmus Luthander Show Reel

Rasmus Luthander’s show reel was posted on YouTube back in February and the first thirty seconds contains a clip from Elin Övergaard’s short film Antingen-eller. The scene has English subtitles which is always great for us non-Swedish speakers.

Stockholm International Film Festival 2015

It’s that time of the year again! The 26th Stockholm International Film Festival was held November 11th through 22nd and although Alexandra Dahlström did not enter a film this year, she did participate on the jury for the Stockholm Documentary Competition alongside Stefan Nylén and Matías Meyers. Here’s a collection of photos from the festival taken from Instagram and other places on the web.

And here’s a bonus – a video taken at the festival where you can see Alexandra sneak a photo on her iPhone. Or maybe she was just checking for messages?

PSL Trust

A very fun photo has popped up on the PSL Trust Facebook Page of Alexandra and her sister Jenny. The Per Sinding-Larsen Trust held a party in connection with Per’s 50th birthday on September 6th where Alexandra and her sister turned up.

Jenny & Alexandra Dahlström & Anette Nordlander
Jenny & Alexandra Dahlström & Anette Nordlander

Thank You, Eva!

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve had an update! I have come across a new photo I’d like to share. Well it’s from a 2014 photo shoot done by Eva Edsjö but it’s a different photo from the session and as always – she’s looking just lovely! (Bonus: click on the picture for the full size – it’s huge!)