I went to visit the Filmbasen website recently and Alexandra Dahlström is attached to a new project called Bussresan or The Bus Trip. Here’s a translated synopsis from the website:

An autobiographical animation that takes place in Israel and Palestine. It is a road movie about Jews identity as well as criticism of Israel’s policy regarding the occupation of Palestine. The film follows the main character Sarah, when she gets to go around Israel and show film with a film festival bus. On the bus are both Israeli and international film students from around the world. Sarah is looking for political discussions and community. But the trip turns out to be something other than what she expected.
In parallel with the bus trip along the highways in Israel runs a story back in time. Sarah’s Jewish grandmother, who escaped from the Nazis in the forties Poland, makes itself felt and even her father who disappeared when Sarah was little. They are now a part of her journey.
The film would also call for discussion of the Academic and Cultural Boycott of the contexts in which Israel is not actively working against the occupation.

It’s unclear what Alexandra’s role is with regards to this film. Hopefully more information will become available soon.


Alexandra has made her Vimeo account public and you can currently watch 4 of her films (Lacrimosa, Kom Hit, Because the Night & The Audition (which features Julia Gahne)) plus a clip for what I believe is Fågel Fenix.

I’m super happy because Because the Night is subtitled in English and I’ve been searching for English subtitles since it was released!

Enjoy them while you can!