Shades On

If you follow Alexandra on Instagram you may already know that she was directing a music video for the Swedish band Teddybears called Shades On.

Alexandra has made the music video available on her Vimeo page recently.

There’s a cameo near the end of Helena af Sandeberg (Alexandra’s Blondie co-star) which was a nice surprise! I did not see Alexandra in the video but it’s a good watch and the song is very upbeat and catchy.

Photo Gallery Update

Just a quick programming note: I’m in the process of redesigning the photo gallery. It’s still functional but it might look a little wonky for a bit until I finish all the css stuff.

Edit: All systems go! If you encounter any major issues please let me know about it.


There’s an upcoming event posted on Facebook that Alexandra Dahlström will be attending alongside Kajsa Haidl. Not that I can make it to Sweden in time (sadly) but I thought it was worth sharing for the cover photo.