Mom, There’s A Celebrity in our Kitchen!

I was searching for something Alexandra related when I learned something new. Alexandra appeared in an episode of a TV show called Mamma, det är en kändis i köket (translation: Mom, There’s a Celebrity in our Kitchen) as herself. It’s a reality TV series that lasted 2 seasons where people would want to meet a certain celebrity so the show would send that celebrity to their home. In season 2, episode 4 a girl named Liza wanted to meet Alexandra Dahlström as she would like advice on becoming an actress.

It aired on ZTV and there are 2 full episodes posted on YouTube but sadly, not the episode featuring Alexandra. Maybe someday!

I also learned that Carolina Gynning (Alexandra’s co-star in Blondie) was featured in an episode where she meets a young woman who admits she had suffered from anorexia. I haven’t been able to track down that episode either.


Here’s a link to the production company La Vida Locash.

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  1. In translating some articles I also found out that shortly after Fucking Åmål she appeared in a short film on ZTV in the role of Little Red Riding Hood who is fighting a dark spirit and she has a robot mother (played by Jonna Bergh) and I believe it’s directed or written by Jocke Åhlund. But no luck finding any video or pictures from that! She also took part in an episode of a documentary series back in 2005 on TV3 where she visits an SOS Children’s Village in Cambodia. I knew she was in Cambodia but it was cool to find out it was for a good cause.

  2. Something I had no idea about.
    Sad that you can’t locate the vid though.

    I wonder how many other “guest” appearances there are that we’ve never heard of.

    Nice find Ashley.

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