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Ömheten appears to be available for worldwide sales! However, I’m too chicken to pop in my information on the “register” page because I don’t know how this works! But if you’d care to look into it, it might be possible to get your hands on a copy! Unless maybe this is restricted to press/media and such…


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  1. I’m not sure I understand what “The Yellow Affair” is, a business selling individual films to end users or a business selling the rights to distribute films in various parts of the world.

    If the former, I can see it being a very handy link.
    If the latter, way out of my league.
    (Always supposing it’s legit that is.)

    Have you had any dealings with them in the past?


    1. I’m not totally sure! I haven’t had a chance to delve deeper into how they work. I was thinking of registering and seeing what happened. Hopefully it’ll come out on DVD for the fans!

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