Neptune Moon

I’ve been lacking in updates recently but my friend Fish has tracked down some more Alexandra related news!


Cissi Efraimsson’s (of Vulkano) film Neptune Moon will be premiering on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at Barbro in Stockholm. You can check out the event page on Facebook. I knew Alexandra Dahlström was attached to the film in some way and I’m pleased to see she’ll also make an appearance on camera!

Here’s a translation courtesy of Fish:

Welcome to the premiere of Vulkano’s psychedelic debut film Neptune Moon!

Join us on a magical journey into a parallel universe where Cissi Efraimsson and Lisa Pyk Wirström stay in a timeless unpleasant sphere. We are in Vulkano’s inner wild world where nothing is as expected. We meet odd characters taken from Vulkano’s lyrics. Among other things, a magician (Alexandra Dahlström) who opened the salon in the middle of the woods, strange animals, mysterious children and a mighty queen (Birgitta Larsson) among a harem of beautiful men .

Occasional horror movie, occasionally absurd comedy. Neptune Moon is a surreal, dreamy and funny story with many twists. The line between reality and fantasy, darkness and light blurring, and we are in a confused state in between.

A year ago, Cissi began writing a script based on the songs from Vulkano’s debut album Live Wild Die Free. She wanted to try to make a visual experience of Vulkano’s music, give it a face, instead of doing traditional music videos. So she wove together all the songs from the disc into a story. Along with a bunch of great artists so the idea became a reality.”

Director: Cissi Efraimsson
Photo: Marcus Hansen
Wardrobe: Cornelia Blom
Make-Up: Helena Campbell-Westlind
Scenografi: Aron Fidjeland

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