Photos! Again! Hopefully!

Things are a bit more stable now. Have my desktop computer back and online. Ahh the joys of a big screen. And things here seem stable as well as things here online. So provided that the photo section doesn’t go haywire on me again, I have uploaded stuff from 2012-2013 with LOTS more coming.

A few things that might or might not be of interest – Photos are names as such YYYY-MM-DD and the last digit (if there) indicates it’s a series of photos from the same time. If I didn’t have any date information on when the photo was taken I simply number them 001, 002 and so forth. In the “image info” you can see if you download anything from the gallery, all original photographers have been credited when possible, all parties in the photo have been identified when possible and I also tried to source a link as to where to photo originated from. Again – this is stuff you’ll probably only notice if you’re saving photos straight from the gallery.

It’s a work in progress so please bear with me!