Raise the Voice

Fish came across this video of Alexandra Dahlström on a website called Höj Rösten! It is entirely in Swedish but still a good watch for us non-Swedish speakers. It’s for a campaign called Raise the Voice which encourages everyone to vote in their elections and unite against racists, nationalists and xenophobia in a non-violent manner.


It blows nationalist winds through Europe. Ahead of the European elections in May nationalist, xenophobic and racist parties mobilize in many countries. In an election with low voter turnout, it can have devastating consequences.

Therefore, it is more important than ever that we who believe in transparency and equal value raises our voices and use our right to vote. Our silence favors only the xenophobic forces.

In addition to voting May 7 to 25, you can get involved like this!

Raise the Voice is a non-political movement founded on transparency, non-violence and universal equality.

Behind the initiative Raise the Voice! stand volunteers and individuals who feel it is important that as many people as possible raise their voice against xenophobia. Some of these you can see in the videos here on hojrosten.se.

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