Lilja 4-ever

A lot of you are already aware that Alexandra Dahlström was a Russian interpreter and assistant director on the set of Lukas Moodysson’s film Lilja 4-ever back in 2002. Rumour has it that Alexandra makes a brief cameo and can be seen on a balcony when Lilja is carving her name into the bench outside. I did find a blonde hanging out on the balcony in that scene. Could it be Alexandra?


And if you’re interested in watching Lilja 4-ever it’s available in full on YouTube along with English, Swedish and Russian subtitles – just turn on the Closed Captioning.

2 Replies to “Lilja 4-ever”

  1. I remember hearing that rumour too, a while back, but I couldn’t identify anyone on the balcony as Alexandra.

    Still, if anyone comes up with an alternative viewpoint I’m willing to have another look. lol

    1. The first time I watched the film I didn’t see anyone blonde hanging out on a balcony either! If Lukas Moodysson could just zoom in a “little” bit more, maybe we would know for sure.

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