Instagram Gold

A photo from a couple months ago popped up in my Instagram travels the other day. It was posted by @ebbau whose real name I’m unsure of. She seems to be friendly with both Vulkano and Alexandra Dahlström. This one is simply titled “La Dolce Vita”.


2 Replies to “Instagram Gold”

  1. Stunning pic. Great find Ashley.
    Lisa seems very interested in Alexandra’s drink….. or something. (lol)

    I’m pretty sure it’s posted by Ebba Ulander.
    A long time friend of both Lisa and Cissi.

    1. I think you’ve got it! Ebba Ulander. It must be her account. I too noticed Lisa noticing something. lol I also noticed Alexandra is applying lipstick using a knife as a mirror. Just so much going on here. lol

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