Wowsers! Tons of Photos!

Here’s a whole lot of Alexandra on Instagram! It’s a rare day that we get this many photos all at once! These span from a couple days ago in L.A. to March 2013. With the exception of a childhood photo of a very cute 7-year-old Alexandra! The majority were found on @LadyLisaVonPyk‘s Instagram. Beautiful photos!

3 Replies to “Wowsers! Tons of Photos!”

  1. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.
    Fantastic finds Ashley.
    Lisa must have changed her settings ’cause I’ve never been able to see her posts before.
    Yay Lisa too. (lol)

    1. I think you’re right! I’m pretty sure Lisa was private before because I don’t remember being able to see anything there last time. Very cool of her because she has great photos as the gallery above proves. lol

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