Brobygrafiska Utbildning


A new and beautiful photo appeared on the Brobygrafiska Utbildning website recently. It also included either a script or a short story written by Alexandra called “Nattvilse” or “Lost Night”. Here is an English translation from the site to the best of my ability.

Hello, my name is Alexandra and I grew up in Stockholm and at various film shoots. “The Master and Margarite” and “One hundred years of solitude” helped me discover magic realism and I realized early on that I wanted to become a director when I grew up. My films are usually set in dark celebrations or magic hundred acre woods and range from Stockholm club kids to northern watchers of the forest. But whether they are nocturnal or ladies of the woods, my characters always get tangled in love stories and carry a very strong desire for freedom. In recent years, I have lived and worked in Rome, Paris and Rio de Janeiro but remain in constant search of the Russian soul.

You can read an English translation of “Nattvilse” here. Many thanks to Fish for finding this!

2 Replies to “Brobygrafiska Utbildning”

  1. Great to read your words again Ashley.
    I’ve been worried that you were unwell or something.

    That’s a beautiful pic of Alex isn’t it?
    And thanks for the bio translation.
    I never translated the other part though, it was just too big, but you think it was a script or storyline or something eh?
    Sounds interesting.

    Have you seen this yet?
    43Minutes, in Swedish.

    1. I’ve translated the short story/script to English, there’s a link just at the bottom of the post if you’d like to read it. And I haven’t seen the Radio Sweden link! I’ll have to check that out! Thanks!

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