Where I Cried

Alexandra Dahlström has had a long time relationship with the Swedish band The Bear Quartet. In 2002 she appeared on their spoken word track “Tuna” and in 2011 she directed and appeared in their music video for “Lovers Goodbye.”

What I didn’t know was that she also lent her voice to their 2006 track “Where I Cried” from their album Eternity Now. The track is instrumental but with two lines repeated twice by a male and female voice. The male voice belonging to Björn Olsson and the female voice belonging to Alexandra:

Vad tyckte du om konserten?
Jag tyckte den handlade om oss

Which translates to:

What did you think of the concert?
I thought it was about us

The song is posted on The Bear Quartet’s YouTube page but it’s not available to me here in Canada. If you’d like to listen you can download it here.

There was an article posted on hymn.se counting down The Bear Quartet’s top 15 albums which is where I found the tip about Alexandra’s other track.

2 Replies to “Where I Cried”

  1. It played for me just now in Aus.
    The voices appear a couple of times but are very much lost in the music.
    Not the most exciting find ever…. but still lovely to see these little things turning up after all this time. :)

    1. I agree, it’s hard to hear over the music. I was hoping there would be a music video perhaps with Alexandra herself in it but no such luck.

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