STOCKmotion 2018 Awards

Alexandra Dahlström and Farzad Farzaneh are going to be up to something at the Pristutdelning STOCKmotion (Prize Distribution) today. I’m not sure if she’ll be receiving an award, presenting or hosting but definitely something to keep an eye on today! It’s about 5pm in Stockholm as I’m typing this so we may not need to wait very long for (hopefully) some photos to appear online.

Update: Some photos have started to appear online!

2 Replies to “STOCKmotion 2018 Awards”

  1. Nice.

    I have a couple of gifs I made from vids posted on Alex & Lisa’s InstsStories pages.
    They’re on the Forum starting about here with Alex and Lisa in a car on the way to the event.

    If you’d like to use any of them here you are most welcome.


    1. I think I will take you up on that! I’m sorry for the lack of response on your comments. My email has been sending all my notifications to my junk mail.

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