#metoo Symposium

On October 15, 2018 the #metoo Symposium was held in Helsingør, Denmark at Kulturværftet. The purpose of the event was to discuss where we are today one year after the #metoo movement began and millions of women worldwide came forward with reports of sexual assault in the entertainment industry.

Alexandra Dahlström participated in the event as a speaker on the debate panel. Here are some of her thoughts on the #metoo movement.

Back in the panel debate, Alexandra Dahlström is also advocating that we regain solidarity and that women in the industry join forces to say ‘stop’. Women must support each other and should not fear losing jobs in what Dahlström calls “the boys club”. She believes that women are being trained to compete against each other, but if we are to see results, we must go beyond that and instead re-establish solidarity. 

Dahlström adds that the reason why many people do not speak up may be related to the fear of being replaced in an industry that is filled with unsafe employment.

You can read the entire article here in Danish but if you enable Google Translate in Chrome you can automatically translate the article to English.

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