Lena Marina Alexandra Dahlström was born on February 12, 1984 to parents Hasse & Irina (Borisovna) Dahlström in Gävle, Sweden. She has a sister named Jenny Dahlström who is a few years older. [1]

When she was about two years old, her family relocated to a suburb of Stockholm called Alvik. As a child she enjoyed ballet, the colour pink and describes herself as having been a “cry baby.” She also once had a pet rabbit that would pee everywhere.

In her teenage years, she enjoyed spending her free time with friends, listening to music and reading. She became interested in music at an early age and enjoyed listening to her sister’s collection of music. She would often spend her money on new CDs for her own collection and would DJ for her friends at parties.

Alexandra also goes by the nicknames Kashna and Sasha which is most likely due to her Russian heritage on her mother’s side. She has relatives who live in Moscow and loves to visit the city as much as she can.

Since her mother is Russian and her father is Swedish she speaks both languages fluently. In 2002, she worked behind the scenes on Lukas Moodysson’s film Lilja 4-Ever as a Russian interpreter and also helped with the casting.

She has always had an interest in languages and has learned to speak English, French, Italian and German.


Following high school, Alexandra decided to move to Italy after she had gone on vacation to Rome with her parents and had fallen in love with the city. In Sweden, she felt typecast as the angry Swedish blonde with loads of eye makeup from Fucking Åmål and wanted a change.

In 2006, she attended the Sapienza University of Rome where she studied Italian to become an interpreter. She spent her free time working with an Italian tutor to improve her pronunciation and accent. She also worked as a tour guide at the Vatican and a waitress at a patisserie while auditioning and screen testing for various roles.

In 2007, she had a recurring role on a Dutch soap opera Goede tijden, slechte tijden which earned her enough money to produce her first short film Lacrimosa. [2]

In 2008 she returned to Stockholm where she currently resides.


At the age of twelve Alexandra was cast in the film Sanning eller konsekvens directed by Christina Olofson. She played the supporting role of Fanny, a sixth grade bully. This was her first acting role and the film was nominated for a Guldbagge Award for best director and best script. [3]

In the seventh grade, Alexandra as well as many other girls auditioned for the film Fucking Åmål (Show Me Love) when auditions were held at her school. Director and writer Lukas Moodysson had seen Alexandra’s performance in Sanning eller konsekvens and thought she would be a good fit for the role of Elin.

During the filming of Fucking Åmål she developed an interest in directing and what goes on behind the scenes. She helped Lukas direct a scene in the film known as the “foot fetish” scene.

The film went on to be an international success and won a number of awards including four Guldbagge Awards at the 1999 ceremony. Alexandra and co-star Rebecka Liljeberg (who plays Agnes in the film) shared the Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for their performances. [4] During Alexandra’a acceptance speech she began to speak out against sexism and the media’s obsession with appearances. MC Loa Falkman interrupted her speech by patting her on the head and cutting her speech short by calling her “little heart” which is the equivalent of calling someone “sweetheart.” Alexandra was understandably upset and made some rude gestures in the background which were captured on camera. The incident was extensively covered in the Swedish media as a scandal.

Following her success with Fucking Åmål she appeared in one episode of a short-lived television hospital drama called S:t Mikael and had role in the black comedy Christmas film Tomten är far till alla barnen (In Bed With Santa).

Despite her success at such a young age, Alexandra chose to focus on her education. She was not sure if she wanted to pursue a serious acting career and thought about quitting show business. Instead she chose to take on projects that did not interfere with school such as music videos, plays and short films.

After high school, she was cast as the lead in Tova Magnusson-Norling’s feature film Fröken Sverige (Miss Sweden). At first she was not interested in auditioning for the film however her friends Lukas Moodysson and his wife Coco encouraged her to audition.

In 2004, Alexandra took over as DJ and sidekick to Kristian Luuk on his Swedish late night talk show Sen kväll med Luuk (Late Night with Luuk) until the series ended later that same year. She has since DJed at countless events throughout Stockholm.

In 2008, Alexandra moved back to Stockholm where she made her directorial debut at the Stockholm International Film Festival with her short film Lacrimosa which was filmed in Rome. It went on to win an honourable mention at the festival.

The following year, she submitted her second short film Kom Hit! which won the 1KM Scholarship at the festival which she then invested in making her next short film Because the Night.

While writing and directing her short films, she also managed to stay in front of the camera acting in films such as Manuel Concha’s 2008 comedy Mañana and Jesper Ganslandt’s 2012 film Blondie, TV shows such as the Dutch soap opera Goede Tijden, schlecte tijden, and appearing in a handful of music videos which she also directed.

In 2014, she filmed and directed her first feature length film called All We Have is Now. It is a documentary following the Swedish band Vulkano to Los Angeles to get their big break. The film was well received and screened at numerous film festivals internationally.

In 2016 Alexandra signed on with a production company in Sweden called Giants & Toys. She has produced several commericals for Swedebank, SATS & Zoégas.

She has also had some roles in a few short films such Elin Övergaard’s short film Förebilder which premiered in January 2017at the Göteborg Film Festival and most recently another short film called Banana Pancake Trail directed by Johan Rosell. She has also been working on a few of her own projects which are still in development. A feature length film called Drömfabriken (Dream Baby Dream) and a web series called Château Majorica.


Alexandra is a pretty private person and does not talk publicly about her relationships. There are sources online that claim Alexandra was married to a producer named Roger Rodriguez in 2001. To-date, there are no credible sources to prove that is true.

In 2005, she dated Rasmus Nykvist, a student at the University of Stockholm. They attended the premiere of The Interpreter and the Undine Awards together that same year.

In 2008, Alexandra had a long-term relationship with artist, designer and musician Theodore Trottner. They attended a number of events together and were photographed together often.

In 2014, Alexandra did claim to have a boyfriend in an interview with Göteborgs-Posten but did not reveal his name. It’s unknown if this was referring to Theodore or perhaps her current boyfriend an architect named Jakob Wiklander.

In February 2019 Alexandra Dahlström announced via her Instagram account that she and Jakob are expecting their first child.


  • Always wears a silver ring on her left ring finger
  • Has two tattoos. A bird on her rib cage and a petal/leaf on her left forearm
  • Is 5′ 1″ (154cm) tall [5]
  • Is good friends with Lukas Moodysson and his wife Coco
  • Has been in three films with actress Helena af Sandeberg (In Bed with Santa, Mañana & Blondie)
  • Does not smoke
  • Has an allergy to salt [6]
  • Style icon is Debbie Harry
  • First record she bought was Forever Your Girl by Paula Abdul
  • Studied Theoretical Philosophy in 2005 and French in 2010 at the University of Stockholm
  • Worked as an interpreter for Lukas Moodysson on the set of his films Lilja-4-ever and Mammut
  • Wrote a blog on from July 2007 to January 2009








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