La Carpe

Jean (Stéphane Chivot) invites his friends over to prepare a tasty live carp but the fish slips through their fingers and falls to the floor. They can’t find it anywhere. The only signs of its presence in the apartment are certain noises they hear. Is this a practical joke or is Béatrice (Alexandra Dahlström) trying to get back at them after having been excluded from their last gastronomic get together? They start to panic. What if the fish has really vanished?

OTHER TITLES | The Carp, À la carte, Phobie
ROLE | Béatrice
RUN TIME | 14 minutes
YEAR | 2002
DIRECTOR | Alanté Alfandari (aka Alanté Kavaïté)
CAST | Stéphane Chivot, Alexandra Dahlström, Antoine Cathalau