Neptune Moon

Join us on a magical journey into a parallel universe where Cissi Efraimsson and Lisa Pyk Wirström stay in a timeless unpleasant sphere. We are in Vulkano’s inner wild world where nothing is as expected. We meet odd characters taken from Vulkano’s lyrics. Among other things, a magician (Alexandra Dahlström) who opened a salon in the middle of the woods, strange animals, mysterious children and a mighty queen (Birgitta Larsson) among a harem of beautiful men.

Occasional horror movie, occasionally absurd comedy. Neptune Moon is a surreal, dreamy and funny story with many twists. The line between reality and fantasy, darkness and light blurring, and we are in a confused state in between.

ROLE | Wizard of Odd
LANGUAGE | English
RUN TIME | 15 minutes
YEAR | 2014
DIRECTOR | Cissi Efraimsson
CAST | Cissi Efraimsson, Lisa Pyk Wirström

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