A small cottage deep in the countryside. 22-year-old Elliot (Rasmus Luthander) has escaped the superficial everyday he could no longer endure. But the outside world is hanging over him as a constant threat. Suddenly, a taxi drives up – out steps his sister Torild (Alexandra Dahlström). This is the first time the siblings have seen each other since Elliot left her and their sick mother back home. Her wish: he must come home. Now. He needs to stop hiding, come home and take responsibility for his life and his family. This is a movie about two siblings who for the first time, address a family crisis and confront each other’s conflicting perspectives on life.

OTHER TITLES | Landet, Either-Or
ROLE | Torild
LANGUAGE | Swedish
RUN TIME | 22 minutes
YEAR | 2014
DIRECTOR | Elin Övergaard
CAST | Rasmus Luthander, Alexandra Dahlström