Astro, uma fábula urbana em um Rio de janeiro mágico

The movie portrays the adaptation process of Astro (Alexandra Dahlström) a sleeping star, to the city of Rio de Janeiro. Swedish, daughter of a Brazilian mother and a Swedish father, she comes to Brazil to receive an inheritance and ends up staying longer than she thought would be needed. It’s when Alice (Veronica Debom) crosses her path that Astro arises. Art and city act as a driving force on the process of transformation of our character.

OTHER TITLES | Astro: An Urban Fable in a Magical Rio De Janeiro
LANGUAGE | Portuguese & English
RUN TIME | 85 minutes
YEAR | 2012
DIRECTOR | Paula Trabulsi
CAST | Alexandra Dahlström, Veronica Debom, Regina Duarte, Cláudio Cavalcanti

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