The doctor is Nathanael Coppelius’ (Andreas Kleerup) father; they meet out on the bridge to Nathanael’s summer home, alone in the archipelago. They don’t leave the bridge, but there seems to be tension and anger they are not willing to take any further. The father tells Nathanael about his dying sister. Nathanael’s mind is elsewhere. He thinks of his new infatuation with Olimpia (Ida Gyllensten), the woman he keeps hidden from all outsiders.

Olimpia is a dreamer; she never seems to know what is real and who she really is. Sometimes the two are a loving couple, sometimes hating. Nathanael is haunted by dreams of her while she is haunted by Nathanael’s former love, since childhood, Klara (Alexandra Dahlström). Together they form a melancholy and wearing dynamic – black and white forming a blood shade of red.

OTHER TITLES | Olimpia, Misery
ROLE | Klara
LANGUAGE | Swedish
RUN TIME | Unavailable
YEAR | 2010
DIRECTOR | Svarta Svanen (Black Swan)
CAST | Andreas Kleerup, Ida Gyllensten, Freddie Wadling, Alexandra Dahlström, Paul Freud