Sanning eller konsekvens

The holidays are over and Nora (Tove Edfeldt) is starting a new term at school. She is 12 years old and is in the uncertain borderland between childhood and the teenage world. The trendy Fanny (Alexandra Dahlström) and Sabina (Emelina Lindberg-Filippopoulou) are in the popular gang that Nora wants to become part of. Karin, is a bit different and a victim of bullying. She wants to be friends with Nora but does Nora want to be her friend? She is drawn into a spiral of intrigue and secrecy. It becomes more and more difficult to choose.

The film is set in a Swedish city and tells a story of teenage friendship and rivalry, about alienation and the price of friendship.

OTHER TITLES | Truth or Dare, Truth or Consequence
ROLE | Fanny
LANGUAGE | Swedish
RUN TIME | 77 minutes
YEAR | 1997
DIRECTOR | Christina Olofson
CAST | Tove Edfeldt, Anna Gabrielsson, Alexandra Dahlström