Covert Affairs

Following Eyal’s capture, Khalid Ansari (Haaz Sleiman ) makes Annie (Piper Perabo) an offer: deliver the names of CIA assets working for his father, and he’ll free Eyal. Risky as it is, Annie fears that there’s no other way to save her friend. So with help from a local hacker (Alexandra Dahlström), she finds a way to access the intel she needs via the CIA mainframe at the American Consulate in Amsterdam.

But before Annie can trade the information she’s downloaded, she gets a surprise visitor: Auggie (Christopher Gorham). Quickly realizing that he can’t stop Annie from attempting to rescue Eyal, Auggie presents an alternate plan that could protect both Eyal and the CIA’s assets. In a crowded flower market, Annie and Auggie put their plan in motion, managing to escape with Eyal. But when Annie learns that Khalid may soon be beyond the CIA’s grasp, she knows she must put an end to his plotting once and for all.

Back in D.C., Annie—fresh off the news that Joan is bumping up her clearance level—gets a bad case of déjà vu when Henry Wilcox, just released from prison, summons her to the diner where Jai was killed. Annie is in for yet another shock later that night, when Auggie shows up at her place with a surprising revelation of his own.

ROLE | Carljin
LANGUAGE | English
RUN TIME | 43 minutes
AIRED | November 20, 2012 (Season 3, Episode 16)
DIRECTOR | Renny Harlin
Piper Perabo, Christopher Gorham, Kari Matchett