Mamma, det är en kändis i köket!

Liza, 16, from Kungsängen wants to meet actress Alexandra Dahlström. “She’s an actress and I’ve also been on TV,” says Liza, hoping to get some useful tips. Liza is studying to be a hairdresser but is curious about the acting profession which she feels would be more fun. She has invited actress and director Alexandra Dahlström who she hopes can share some good advice. Alexandra has only one tip to give: “I provide tips on not becoming an actor,” she says. Liza has many questions she wants answers to and has planned every detail of their days together: they’ll go bowling, eat ice cream and do manicures. Liza finds out what Alexandra has opinions on during the interview and why she does not think that Liza should become an actress. Furthermore, we find out what kind of guy Alexandra Dahlström is into.

OTHER TITLES | Mom, There’s a Celebrity in our Kitchen!
ROLE | Herself
LANGUAGE | Swedish
RUN TIME | 25 minutes
AIRED | 2009 (Season 2, Episode 4)
DIRECTOR | Unavailable