De glömda barnen

War, terror and genocide. Cambodia’s population has suffered unimaginable atrocities. It’s been 30 years since the bombs stopped falling over the ravaged country but the wounds are still bleeding. Hundreds of thousands of children are living on the streets and many are forced into Cambodia’s sex trade. In this segment actress Alexandra Dahlström meets children living on the streets and those taken care of by SOS Children’s Villages. The memories of Cambodia’s bloody history are still strong, even in young people. Cambodia is among the world’s poorest countries and most live off agriculture. The war has meant that large parts of the land have mines and can not be used. Intellectuals were killed during the Pol Pot regime, which drained the country of teachers. Today there is a lack of schools and literacy is at a low. But in a village there is a new school that just received its first students. Alexandra Dahlström, 21, broke through as Elin in Lukas Moodysson’s hit film “Show Me Love” from 1998. She has also performed at the Royal Dramatic Theatre and was most recently in the film “Miss Sweden.”

The Forgotten Children is a documentary about SOS Children’s Villages and their activities. Hosts include actress Alexandra Dahlström, musician Dogge Doggelito, writer Jonas Hassen Khemiri and journalist Clara Mannheimer. They visit the children’s village respectively on four different continents in the countries of Bolivia, Bosnia, Cambodia and Malawi.

OTHER TITLES | The Forgotten Children
ROLE | Herself
LANGUAGE | Swedish
RUN TIME | 2 hours, 52 minutes
AIRED | April 7, 2005 (Program 2: Cambodia)
DIRECTOR | Unavailable