S:t Mikael

(Contains Spoilers)

Erika (Alexandra Dahlström) has been partying all night long with her friends and also brought her little sister Anna along. The next morning, they can’t wake up Anna. She is rushed to the local hospital St. Mikael and the doctor wants to know if Anna has taken any drugs. At first Erika refuses to cooperate but eventually she admits that they had taken some pills. The doctor tells her that the pills they have taken could not have caused her sister’s condition as she has fallen into a coma.

Their parents are on vacation and can’t make it home until tomorrow. Erika has little contact with her parents and doesn’t do well with authority in general. But now she is afraid that her sister’s condition might be her fault.

Later on, she hides in Anna’s hospital room as several doctor’s come in talking about her sister. She learns that Anna has terminal brain cancer. Anna was most likely already brain dead when she was brought to the hospital and there’s nothing they can do to rescue Anna.

Erika becomes very distraught about how the doctors are talking about her sister and they try to explain that Erika was not meant to hear the news in that way. Erika runs off.

In the final scene, we see Erika sitting by her now deceased sister’s bedside.

OTHER TITLES | Sankt Mikael
ROLE | Erika
LANGUAGE | Swedish
RUN TIME | Unavailable
AIRED | July 11, 1998 (Season 1, Episode 6) on SVT
DIRECTOR | Unavailable
CAST | Ulla Akselson, Alexandra Dahlström, Michael Nyqvist