Fågel Fenix

Bea (Mylaine Hedreul) is a nerdy but thoughtful 20-something experiencing a painful separation. To distract herself she accompanies her friends to a party deep in a Swedish forest. During the course of the evening she meets the restless Anton (Adam Pålsson) who also happens to be an incurable romantic. Bea immediately seeks his approval. What was initially an innocent healing process takes an unexpected course as darkness falls. This film is a requiem for monogamy and a defence of the courage it takes to love.

OTHER TITLES | Den rätta, Fenix Bird, <3
LANGUAGE | Swedish
RUN TIME | 15 minutes
YEAR | 2013
DIRECTOR | Alexandra Dahlström
CAST | Adam Pålsson, Mylaine Hedreul, Emma Mehoniç, Emelie Jonsson

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