En vacker värld

Other Titles: A Beautiful World
Role: Orphan Girl
Language: Swedish
Run Time: 3 hours
Year: 2001
Director: Katta Pålsson

Synopsis: “En vacker värld” is a three hour collage made up from three of Sergi Belbel’s plays including “I’m Ugly” “Blood” and “To Die”. In the play we meet a tired and stressed out writer (Bengt Nilsson) who is stuggling for ideas, an extremely ugly girl (Ulrika Malmgren) who starts killing all the beautiful people around her, and a terrorist who kidnaps a woman to collect ransom from her corrupt husband.

Alexandra plays a twelve-year old orphan girl who is being taken care of by a couple who are terrorists and she does not understand that it’s wrong to use violence to achieve her goals.

Cast: Alexandra Dahlström, Bengt Nilsson, Carina Jingrot, David Boati, Erik Johansson, Katta Pålsson, Maria Simonsson, Ola Isedal, Rakel Wärmländer & Ulrika Malmgren