Kranes konditori

Based on the novel by Cora Sandel. In a small Norwegian coastal town Katinka Stordal supports her children as a seamstress. Her life is one of poverty, loneliness and constant complaints from her customers. One day she meets a Swedish sailor at the local café who helps her find the strength to break free from her daily routine. But her children, ex-husband and neighbors has no tolerance for this kind of nontraditional friendship.

OTHER TITLES | Krane’s Bakery Shop / Krane’s Confectionery
ROLE | Borghild Stordal
LANGUAGE | Swedish
RUN TIME | Unavailable
YEAR | 1999
DIRECTOR | Agneta Ehrensvärd
CAST | Monica Nielsen, Solveig Ternström, My Holmsten, Tomas Pontén, Michael Lundstedt, Alexandra Dahlström