Château Majorica

A surreal sitcom about two riveted red wine hags living in a universe somewhere between Niva 22 and the Grand Hôtel. A torn, self-appointed astrologer and a sedated Russian diva who long ago burned their last bridges. Together they engage in incredible and often semi-criminal adventures. With the gleaming train they have Saffron, the young non-binary boy with a great conscience. She holds Luddan and Majo’s hair as they empty the last wine bottle and sweeps up the glass shards after evenings lined with magic, romance and moral decay. In Chatêau Majorica, these three broken but hopeful souls have sought protection together and created their own reality. In a parallel universe lined with mystery, drama and sex, they play daily the role of their lives in a hysterical soap opera – for everlasting pursuit of dreams, identity and belonging.

OTHER TITLES | Luddan & Majo
ROLE | Lyudmila
LANGUAGE | Swedish
RUN TIME | Unavailable (Multiple Webisodes)
YEAR | 2017
DIRECTOR | Alexandra Dahlström
CAST | Alexandra Dahlström, Lisa Pyk Wirström, Petter Köhler