More Tommy Premiere

Here are a couple more photos from the Tommy premiere on March 6. It took place at the Rigoletto in Sweden. Not sure who her mystery friend is though. Here she is with producer Göran Hugo Olsson. (Edit: Thanks, Fish!)

Tommy Premiere

The red carpet premiere of Tarik Saleh’s film Tommy was last night in Sweden. Among the guests, miss Alexandra Dahlström. So far just her face (certainly not a complaint) but let’s keep our eyes open for more event photos to come!


More From The Blondie Premieres

I scooped up a couple new photos on Instagram from the Blondie premiere last November as well as a picture I hadn’t seen before from the Venice premiere. The Instagram photos are those far-away-but-there’s-Alexandra type but it’s still good!

We Are the Best!

The gala premiere of Lukas Moodysson’s Vi är bäst! (We Are the Best!) took place on Friday, October 11th at Cinema Saga followed by an after party at Kolingsborg with DJ Siri Hjorton Wagner. It must not have had too much press as I only came across one photo of Alexandra from the premiere. Here she is with Cissi Efraimsson of the band Vulkano.