Extra Guldbagge Gala

I came across this photo from the 2014 Guldbagge Gala and I feel like I’ve seen it before but I think maybe because it’s similar to the one Petrus Sjövik used as his Facebook profile photo.

Petrus Sjövik & Alexandra Dahlstöm


One more photo from the Grammy Awards in Stockholm I found… of Alexandra Dahlström with Robyn and Lisa Pyk! In case you don’t remember, Robyn’s song Show Me Love played at the end of Fucking Åmål waaaaay back in 1998. Robyn posted this selfie to her Instagram account recently.

Alexandra Dahlstrom, Robyn & Lisa Pyk

Alexandra’s 30th Birthday

My friend Fish found some awesome pictures I would have missed out on of Alexandra’s 30th birthday celebration! The party took place at Marie Laveau in Stockholm and featured the band – and her good friends – Vulkano.

More Guldbagge Gala

As I hoped, more pictures have surfaced from the Guldbagge Gala! The last one there was found by Fish and he also confirmed that it is Petrus Sjövik with Alexandra Dahlström at the Gala.

Here are a couple tidbits that you might find interesting, or not:

  1. Alexandra wore an Ida Sjöstedt dress to the Gala
  2. The event was hosted by Sissela Kyle who you might recognize as the actress who played Alexandra’s mom in 2004’s Fröken Sverige (Miss Sweden)
  3. Sverrir Gudnason who was also in Fröken Sverige with Alexandra took home an award for his performance in the film Monica Z

More From The Blondie Premieres

I scooped up a couple new photos on Instagram from the Blondie premiere last November as well as a picture I hadn’t seen before from the Venice premiere. The Instagram photos are those far-away-but-there’s-Alexandra type but it’s still good!

Ida Sjöstedt Instagram

Here are some photos by Ida Sjöstedt. A couple I had seen before and a couple were new! Ida considers Alexandra to be one of her muses and Alexandra even wore a dress made by Ida to the premiere of Blondie in 2012 and I believe her dress for the Elle Gala in 2011 was also an Ida creation.