Some news about the mysterious film Alexandra Dahlström is attached to called Landet. It’s a 22 minute short film by Elin Övergaard and seems to have been renamed to Antingen-eller which translates to Either Or.


A small cottage deep in the countryside. 22-year old Elliot (Rasmus Luthander) has escaped the superficial everyday he could no longer endure. But the outside world is hanging over him as a constant threat.

Suddenly, a taxi drives up – out steps his sister Torild (Alexandra Dahlström). This is the first time the siblings have seen each other since Elliot left her and their sick mother back home. Her wish: he must come home. Now. He needs to stop hiding, come home and take responsibility for his life and his family.

This is a movie about two siblings who for the first time, address a family crisis and confront each other’s conflicting perspectives on life.

Some additional info posted by Elin on February 10th:

Rasmus Luthander as Elliot
Alexandra Dahlström as Torild
Photo – Åsa Staffansson
Lights – Per Olsson
Audio – Edvard Saare
Director’s Assistants – Lovisa Sirén, Isabel Juréhn
Production Assistant – Terry Lövkist
Grading – Ida Svenonius
Editing – Elin Övergaard
Script, Direction & Production – Elin Övergaard

Not to mention Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall and a shitload of other people who I swear are in the credits – look out for it when the movie is released!

Astro with English Subs

My friend Fish has been on a role with all this great Alexandra Dahlström news and let me know that Astro is now available with English subtitles for us non-Portuguese speaking fans! This is awesome news! The image below is linked to the Vimeo page where you can watch for free.


Fenix Bird

More information has become available on Alexandra’s short film Fågel Fenix aka Fenix Bird.


Aspiring DJ Bea has traveled with her friends to a small outdoor music festival. While she’s initially as excited as anyone else, this feeling gets ruined when she receives a call from her boyfriend who breaks up with her. Further let down by her friends, Bea sets her sights on a young, male DJ to cheer herself up. »Fenix Bird« makes the most of its Swedish country landscape with clear and warm natural light, even in evening scenes. Bea’s adventures at the festival are alternately mundane and magical, while treated with a gentle uncertainty.

More information can be found on the Stockholm Film Festival website.

Update: It seems Fågel Fenix is the original title of Den rätta. I thought the plots sounded similar so now that makes sense. (Source)