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NY Rooftop Film Festival

I’m back from a short hiatus. I wish I could say I was taking a nice holiday but that’s not the case. Things have just been a little busy. It seems the times I’m busy are when Alexandra is on the move!

Alexandra Dahlström attended the August 2015 Rooftop Film Festival in New York this month. She screened her feature length documentary All We Have Is Now and also performed a DJ set. There is a short article in English on their website about her film. There are also a few photos pulled from Instagram that Fish has tracked down. Thanks for all the wonderful finds, Fish!

Beat Film Festival

This might be something to keep an eye on: the Beat Film Festival is taking place May 28 – June 7, 2015. Alexandra Dahlström is listed as a guest at the event and they posted a little biography about her on their website. It translates to:

Swedish actress, DJ and filmmaker. Her grandmother – Russian – lives in Moscow and calls Dahlström “Sasha”. Alexandra got her first role at age 12, it was immediately noticed by director Lukas Moodysson and he invited her to play the lead role in the film “Show Me Love” (1998), which brought international fame to Dahlström. In the early 2000s, Alexandra played in several theater productions, and Swedish feature films. In 2004, she made her debut as a DJ and played at a variety of parties in Stockholm, juggling her collection of 700 discs. A little later, she made her directorial debut and her first short film “Lacrimosa” received a special mention from the jury at the International Film Festival in Stockholm. “All We Have Is Now” – her first feature length documentary is about the Swedish punk band Vulkano.

Short Films on SVT

A special on short films aired December 21st on SVT. One segment featured interviews with Alexandra Dahlström, Alexandra “Kissie” Nilsson and Ahang Bashi. I’ve uploaded the videos and you can watch them by clicking the image below. No English subtitles available unfortunately. As usual – I recommend VLC Media Player. (Edit: Thanks to Fish for finding a better quality video!)