Festival & Guldbagge Finds

In my search for more photos from the Stockholm Film Festival I found one photo (bottom left) of Alexandra Dahlström with Anna Odell. Too bad Fish beat me to the find! I did come across these other three photos from the 2014 and 2015 Guldbagge Galas.

Guldbaggen Extras

It seems the Guldbaggen photos have dried up but I found a stash of them on IBLBildbyrå. Nothing via Scanpix but there’s still hope more will pop up online in the future.

Videos from the Guldbagge Gala!

Here are two video clips that have surfaced online from the Guldbagge Awards that took place January 26, 2015. The first is a red carpet interview with Hanna Persson & Alexandra Dahlström, and the second is of Alexandra and Vulkano presenting the award for Best Set Design!

Watch Ömheten

I’ve finally managed to get a copy of the film Ömheten (aka Broken Hill Blues) and watched it with English subtitles. Petrus Sjövik did a fantastic job filming it and I can see why he won a Guldbagge for his work. Alexandra only had one scene in the film and if you’re interested to check it out, here you go! I wasn’t able to include the English subtitles on the clip unfortunately. Maybe in the future.

Click image to download

Bonus: You can watch the entire film here but only in Swedish.

Beauty & the Guldbaggen

Here is a blurry yet beautiful photo that popped up on Pelle Tamleht’s Instagram account awhile back captioned “Beauty & the Guldbaggen”. I suspect it’s either from the 2011 Elle Galan as that’s the same fluffy top she wore to that event or it may be from the 2012 Guldbagge Gala as it was dated in January 2012.


Guldbagge Gala 2012

I love days like today when old but unseen photos of Alexandra pop up in my search! Here’s one that’s new to me from the 2012 Guldbagge Gala. It’s from an Elle after party at Cirkus. I thought I recognized the dress and turns out it’s the same dress she wore to the Astro premiere.

Guldbaggen 2012

Extra Guldbagge Gala

I came across this photo from the 2014 Guldbagge Gala and I feel like I’ve seen it before but I think maybe because it’s similar to the one Petrus Sjövik used as his Facebook profile photo.

Petrus Sjövik & Alexandra Dahlstöm