Rasmus Luthander Show Reel

Rasmus Luthander’s show reel was posted on YouTube back in February and the first thirty seconds contains a clip from Elin Övergaard’s short film Antingen-eller. The scene has English subtitles which is always great for us non-Swedish speakers.


Some news about the mysterious film Alexandra Dahlström is attached to called Landet. It’s a 22 minute short film by Elin Övergaard and seems to have been renamed to Antingen-eller which translates to Either Or.


A small cottage deep in the countryside. 22-year old Elliot (Rasmus Luthander) has escaped the superficial everyday he could no longer endure. But the outside world is hanging over him as a constant threat.

Suddenly, a taxi drives up – out steps his sister Torild (Alexandra Dahlström). This is the first time the siblings have seen each other since Elliot left her and their sick mother back home. Her wish: he must come home. Now. He needs to stop hiding, come home and take responsibility for his life and his family.

This is a movie about two siblings who for the first time, address a family crisis and confront each other’s conflicting perspectives on life.

Some additional info posted by Elin on February 10th:

Rasmus Luthander as Elliot
Alexandra Dahlström as Torild
Photo – Åsa Staffansson
Lights – Per Olsson
Audio – Edvard Saare
Director’s Assistants – Lovisa Sirén, Isabel Juréhn
Production Assistant – Terry Lövkist
Grading – Ida Svenonius
Editing – Elin Övergaard
Script, Direction & Production – Elin Övergaard

Not to mention Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall and a shitload of other people who I swear are in the credits – look out for it when the movie is released!


Alexandra has been a busy woman! There’s a film festival called Sveriges Kortfilm Festival 2014 (Swedish Short Film Festival) taking place March 28-29. A young woman named Elin Övergaard has submitted her short film entitled Sukta and our favourite Swede just so happens to be in it!


Here’s a brief synopsis provided on the Sveriges Kortfilm Festival website:

This is a story about anxiety, wandering around in nothing and chasing something unintelligible. And a hit with realization.


10 minutes, Fiction

Producer: Elin Övergaard

Cast: Alexandra Dahlström – The Suktande
Eric Olofsson – The Realization
Iga Miklet – Photo
Simon Elvas – Sound
Elin Övergaard – Script & Clips

It might also interest you to know that Elin was an assistant director for Alexandra’s short film Fågel Fenix (aka Den Rätta). The two of them are also involved in another short film called Landet. Plenty to look forward to this year!