Way Out West!

The Way Out West festival took place in Gothenburg from August 10th – 12th this summer. Alexandra Dahlström attended the event and was part of the line-up this year. There was a screening of the newly digitized version of Fucking Åmål as well as many parties. See the gallery of photos below as well as an interview with Alexandra from Göteborgs-Posten.

Fucking Åmål Digital Screening

With the digital revival of Fucking Åmål recently, the updated version of the film was screened at Bio Victor, Filmhuset in Stockholm yesterday night. The event was sold out and photos have started to appear online.

Following the film there was a discussion with Alexandra Dahlström, Rebecka Liljeberg and film producer Lars Jönsson. They discussed the film, the Guldbagges and the film’s significance today.

One video has popped up on Instagram of Alexandra & Rebecka signing autographs for fans.

If you’re interested in a few extra photos check them all out in the photo gallery. A lot of them were similar so I didn’t post them all here.

Throwback Thursday

Alexandra recently posted this behind the scenes gem from Fucking Åmål on her Instagram. Love it!

Extra from Show Me Love

Fish tracked down a new old photo of Alexandra Dahlström from back during the filming of Show Me Love. It was from Lukas Moodysson’s Tumblr account that he happened to find in a box. I’d like to see what else he has just lying around!


Breakfast in Åmål

It’s a rare day when I come across a Fucking Åmål photo that I haven’t seen! A French band called Cabaret Voltaire posted a YouTube video for a song called Crackdown using the photo below. As far as I know the song is not affiliated with the film. Here’s Alexandra Dahlström together with Erica Carlson from back in 1998.


Lilja 4-ever

A lot of you are already aware that Alexandra Dahlström was a Russian interpreter and assistant director on the set of Lukas Moodysson’s film Lilja 4-ever back in 2002. Rumour has it that Alexandra makes a brief cameo and can be seen on a balcony when Lilja is carving her name into the bench outside. I did find a blonde hanging out on the balcony in that scene. Could it be Alexandra?


And if you’re interested in watching Lilja 4-ever it’s available in full on YouTube along with English, Swedish and Russian subtitles – just turn on the Closed Captioning.

We Are the Best!

The gala premiere of Lukas Moodysson’s Vi är bäst! (We Are the Best!) took place on Friday, October 11th at Cinema Saga followed by an after party at Kolingsborg with DJ Siri Hjorton Wagner. It must not have had too much press as I only came across one photo of Alexandra from the premiere. Here she is with Cissi Efraimsson of the band Vulkano.