Where I Cried

Alexandra Dahlström has had a long time relationship with the Swedish band The Bear Quartet. In 2002 she appeared on their spoken word track “Tuna” and in 2011 she directed and appeared in their music video for “Lovers Goodbye.”

What I didn’t know was that she also lent her voice to their 2006 track “Where I Cried” from their album Eternity Now. The track is instrumental but with two lines repeated twice by a male and female voice. The male voice belonging to Björn Olsson and the female voice belonging to Alexandra:

Vad tyckte du om konserten?
Jag tyckte den handlade om oss

Which translates to:

What did you think of the concert?
I thought it was about us

The song is posted on The Bear Quartet’s YouTube page but it’s not available to me here in Canada. If you’d like to listen you can download it here.

There was an article posted on hymn.se counting down The Bear Quartet’s top 15 albums which is where I found the tip about Alexandra’s other track.

Forget All About Time

So this is a pretty unique find! Here is a song from Saga Gärde’s short film Babysister by Sophia Ersson. I can’t recall how I came across it but I like it.


A couple of photos from AnnaMelina’s Tumblr page of Alexandra Dahlström on Barnhusbron, a bridge in Stockholm, Sweden. The photos were posted in May 2015 and looks like they may have been taken during the shooting for AnnaMelina’s Tills Det Blir Lätt music video.

Coffee By Women

Zoégas is a coffee product in Sweden which posted this video on August 10th called “Coffee By Women” which was directed by Alexandra Dahlström and filmed by Petrus Sjövik in Kenya.

“Lazima upandishe Sauti ili uskiike” means we must raise our voices to be heard. We at Zoegas together with artist Alicios Theluji translated and recorded the classic Swedish song into Swahili. We believe that people who work with coffee should feel good about working with coffee. We believe that people should have meaningful lives, good lives, and create a good future for the country. Through “Coffee by Women”, we encourage more women to study and work with coffee growing, taking up more space. Obviously along with boys and men. The more the better. Through our song and film, we want to show Kenya as we see it when we visit the country, even outside of the coffee plantation. Strong girls and boys who confidently look to the future. In coffee growing but also other activities. Together.

If you follow Alexandra on Instagram you can see all sorts of photos she posted during production of this video.

Shades On

If you follow Alexandra on Instagram you may already know that she was directing a music video for the Swedish band Teddybears called Shades On.

Alexandra has made the music video available on her Vimeo page recently.

There’s a cameo near the end of Helena af Sandeberg (Alexandra’s Blondie co-star) which was a nice surprise! I did not see Alexandra in the video but it’s a good watch and the song is very upbeat and catchy.

More of the Mystery Music Video

Another photo from the set of this mysterious music video that Alexandra is directing. Here is Alexandra & Julia Gahne in those blonde wigs. Still no word on who the video is for or when we can expect to see it!2014-07-20-1

Mystery Music Video Shoot

Here’s another photo of Alexandra Dahlström on the set of this mysterious music video she’s filmed in Los Angeles. All we know so far is that she’s directed it, it’s featuring a bunch of young women in Sia or Lady Gaga wigs and I’ve been able to identify one of the women who will appear in the video as Ayanery Reyes. No word on who the singer/band is or anything but we can only guess that just maybe it’s Vulkano! Thank you to Fish for finding this one!



Mystery Music Video Shoot

Instagram has made my day yet again! Seems Alexandra Dahlström is busy directing another music video while in Los Angeles! This photo was posted on jrd_hairgod‘s Instagram account today. I must say, this “hair god” does amazing work! Alexandra’s hair looks amazing!

2014-07-02-1The photo is captioned:

Just finished 3 Day Music Video Shoot working with Celeb Stylists: Annie Ha, Wyman Chang, Director Alexandra Dahlstrom… Just a Sneak Peek…NOT ALLOWED TO SAY WHO IT IT’S WITH… SORRY… STAY TUNED!!! So Much Fun (… Mitch Stone was not present)… Thank God I Had All his Products with Me…I Hate SUCKing Up… For Real …Texture Spray and Sessions Spray No.1 on this Set… Life is So Easy these Days…Haha!!! #MusicVideo #Music#blondenation #HairStyling #SantaMonica#ShangriLa #AnnieHa #WymanChang #Blondes#AlexandraDahlstrom #MitchStoneHair #StoneSexy

Seems things are under wraps on the music video and the artist for now. My best guess is Vulkano?


AnnaMelina – Tills Det Blir Lätt


A new music video featuring Alexandra has popped up on the web today! It’s called “Tills Det Blir Lätt” by AnnaMelina. The video is currently only viewable on the SVT.se website but I found that using Google Chrome’s “incognito” mode worked for me over here in Canada.

The accompanying blog had a blurb about it as well.

Premiere: AnnaMelina – Until It Becomes Easy
This quite unique, Swedish language R&B song comes with a bitter-sweet video.

A future rising star we guess. And we are not the only ones who really like AnnaMelina. Some songs from Stockholm artists out there online along with an edit of “Every Morning” is producer Baba Stiltz signature. Now, here’s Anna’s past song “Until It Becomes Easy” with Baba’s interpretation in an edit that you’ll hear first on the PSL.

And it’s not the only thing that premieres! Together with director Alexandra Dahlström, Anna has made an art video that’s bitter-sweet in daring to leave someone. A project where the boundaries between being in front or behind the camera have become blurred.

We long for an entire AnnaMelina album that’s for sure. But “there are still many pieces left that I’m working on right now,” she says in an email.

UPDATE: The video is now available on YouTube if you’ve been having trouble viewing it on SVTPlay.se.