Watch Ömheten

I’ve finally managed to get a copy of the film Ömheten (aka Broken Hill Blues) and watched it with English subtitles. Petrus Sjövik did a fantastic job filming it and I can see why he won a Guldbagge for his work. Alexandra only had one scene in the film and if you’re interested to check it out, here you go! I wasn’t able to include the English subtitles on the clip unfortunately. Maybe in the future.

Click image to download

Bonus: You can watch the entire film here but only in Swedish.

Buy Ömheten

Ömheten appears to be available for worldwide sales! However, I’m too chicken to pop in my information on the “register” page because I don’t know how this works! But if you’d care to look into it, it might be possible to get your hands on a copy! Unless maybe this is restricted to press/media and such…


Guldbagge Gala 2014

Alexandra Dahlström attended the 50th Annual Guldbagge Gala recently. Her first appearance of 2014! Now there’s a photo of her with a mystery man who I’m 99% sure is Petrus Sjövik who has worked on several films with Alexandra including Kom Hit and Because the Night. In fact, Petrus won an award at the Gala for his camera work on the film Ömheten. Congratulations! Us fans hope to see the film soon!

Broken Hill Blues Trailer

The trailer for Ömheten (Broken Hill Blues) is now available with English subtitles. Last I checked it will be premiering at the Stockholm Film Festival on November 11, 2013. I think Alexandra will likely make an appearance at the premiere and she is also screening her short film Fågel Fenix at the festival so I’m sure she’ll pop up somewhere.


According to the film Ömheten has changed it’s English working title from Tenderness to Broken Hill Blues and an official release date is set for December 6, 2013 in Sweden. It will also be shown at the Stockholm Film Festival in a few days on November 11, 2013 if you’re lucky enough to have tickets!

Below is the official trailer for the film. Alexandra is not in it, but her voice can be heard in the school scene starting at 0:19.