Excerpt From Love Revisited

Writer and director Dunja Vujovic posted a photo on Instagram of a photo from her script Love Revisited. I copied down the text and translated it into English. I couldn’t make out her notes and edits so it’s possible the script changed during filming. I’m hoping to see the film at some point but for now, here is an excerpt available in Swedish and English.

(2016) Love Revisited (Excerpt) – English

(2016) Love Revisited (Excerpt) – Svenska


La Carpe Script

I managed to salvage a copy of the script from the French short film La Carpe which was posted on Jenny’s original Alexandra Dahlström Fansite (since gone offline). I just edited slightly and it’s been archived on the Media page.

Read La Carpe Script in English.

This is the closest I’ve gotten to seeing the film and after reading it, now I want to see it more!