Sukta Stills

Elin Övergaard posted two stills from her short film Sukta on her Tumblr page. There’s not much else available about the film except a tagline:

A little story about getting to know your angst.

Many thanks to Fish for this one!

Upcoming Film Festivals


This year is starting out pretty busy for Miss Alexandra! She has a couple films showing at some upcoming film festivals.

Firstly, there is the Vulkano documentary she’s been working on for awhile now called All We Have is Now. It will be showing as a work in progress at the Tempo Documentary Festival on March 5th. Here is a synopsis of the film as provided on their website. (Thanks to Fish for this!)

A film about, with and for young people, who are on the verge of becoming adults. The film takes place mostly in Stockholm but also in London and Los Angeles. Three young people are in focus; Cissi Efraimsson, Lisa Pyk Wirström and Rebecka Rolfart. They’re childhood friends and play in the same band, Vulkano. In the film, we get to follow them in everything, big and small. The director Alexandra Dahlström has, with her sensitive mind, filmed under a long period and managed to acquire fantastic material.

Next we have her short film Fågel Fenix playing at Buff Film Festival in Malmö. The festival is taking place March 10-15.

In some less than stellar news, it seems the short film Sukta we were anticipating at the Swedish Short Film Festival this March has been pulled in favor of another one of Elin Övergaard’s short films called Gryning aka Stockholm Daybreak. Alexandra is not in the film but you can watch it on Elin’s Vimeo page if you’re interested! Maybe she’s just taking more time to finesse Sukta for us.


Alexandra has been a busy woman! There’s a film festival called Sveriges Kortfilm Festival 2014 (Swedish Short Film Festival) taking place March 28-29. A young woman named Elin Övergaard has submitted her short film entitled Sukta and our favourite Swede just so happens to be in it!


Here’s a brief synopsis provided on the Sveriges Kortfilm Festival website:

This is a story about anxiety, wandering around in nothing and chasing something unintelligible. And a hit with realization.


10 minutes, Fiction

Producer: Elin Övergaard

Cast: Alexandra Dahlström – The Suktande
Eric Olofsson – The Realization
Iga Miklet – Photo
Simon Elvas – Sound
Elin Övergaard – Script & Clips

It might also interest you to know that Elin was an assistant director for Alexandra’s short film Fågel Fenix (aka Den Rätta). The two of them are also involved in another short film called Landet. Plenty to look forward to this year!